In the late 1980’s, Deer Creek began with projects ranging from townhouses, condominiums and multiple single family dwellings. Production would range from a dozen homes upward to over one hundred homes per year in various communities like Newmarket, Orangeville, Barrie and the surrounding area. In time, Deer Creek became known for its attention to detail, gaining a reputation in the Custom Home market as well as production housing.

Today after over 20 years of new home building, Deer Creek has no dreams to construct high volume housing that it once did. 

I prefer to build a small volume of homes each year and keep my hands on the daily aspects of the business, says Michael. 

​​This way, I feel that we can offer a high quality product that both we and the home owner can be proud of. Quality is more important than quantity.

​​​​​One look and we are sure you’ll agree.